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Indonesia today - Video with titled Sanden Bergoyang, allegedly carried out by the girl in the junior high school, shocking Bantul, Yogyakarta, on Monday (09/05/2011).

The man in the tape is a student who alleged the girl's boyfriend. these videos make a scene at once restless people in the District Sanden, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

It is said by Mustaqim, residents Sanden, he got 10-minute video sanden bergoyang from the internet. "The internet has been a lot, if you want to download 3gp sanden bergoyang video" he said briefly.

In the video footage, seen the perpetrator man they accidentally recording scene with a tape recorder placed on the table. Furthermore, the two actors do the scene after scene like a porn star.

Whoever first upload to the Internet, but the video certainly has now spread quickly via mobile phones. Santer news, female perpetrators are citizens of the District Sanden still a high school student.

However, when a number of journalists went to SMA 1 Kretek alleged perpetrators of school places, school parties reluctant to say. Some teachers do not dare to comment because it had never seen the video.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Sanden Harijanto said, even though there has been no official statement, police have conducted investigations related to the circulation of the video.

"We have conducted investigations on the circulation of pornographic videos. But we do not know who the perpetrators and video dealers. We do not want to be careless," said Harijanto.

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