The Merpati pilot’s body Appointed from the Sea

Evacuation team finally have found the body of the pilot and co-pilot of the plane dove MA60 type that crashed in the sea near the airport Kaimana, West Papua, last week.

"Now his body has been found and is being lifted to the surface because it is located on the seabed at 08:00 CDT," said the Head of Public Relations of the National SAR Agency, dashing Prakoso to, Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

Two bodies were Purwadi Revelation pilot and his assistant, Paul Nap. Thus, all deaths of 25 people have found all of them.

"So today the evacuation process is complete. Two bodies have appointed last together cockpit with retractable manner with equipment,"explained gallant.

Gallant added, previous rescue team brought special equipment to make such appointments. "We had to borrow equipment from a company that used to lift objects from the seabed. But I forgot the name of the tool,"explained proudly.

Besides lifting the last two bodies, the team also continues to lift the evacuation of fractional bits of the plane that crashed into the sea. Until today, there are still many pieces of MA60 aircraft.

MA60 Merpati plane crash has killed 25 people. The victims were killed consist of 21 passengers and 4 crew. Of the 21 passengers earlier, 18 adults, 2 children and 1 baby. The four crew consists of a flight attendant, a steward, a pilot and a co-pilot.

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