Foto Briptu Norman Ciuman

Indonesia today - Foto Briptu Norman Ciuman After a lot of getting sympathy from people with Indian wobble, First Brigadier Norman Kamaru begins attacked with the bad news . On the Internet, photographs of his kiss with a woman widely circulated.

The photo was spread and become discussion after Foto Briptu norman uploaded to forum.

Foto Briptu Norman Ciuman had been published since 3 May. Until now there has been no official confirmation from Birptu Norman whether the photo was indeed himself, or just photo editing
Norman who asked for his comments after attending the foundation's invitation Dept could only cover his head with a jacket. even now he is escorted by two policemen to get into the car.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Information Police Headquarters, Sr. Pol, Boy Raffi Amar said that if he did not know the circulation of Foto birptu norman ciuman.

Here is Foto Briptu Norman Ciuman with his girlfriend that become a discussion topic on kaskus forum

What do you think about this Foto Briptu Norman Ciuman

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